Globe 19 Inch 9 Inch blade Meat Slicer




The Chefmate brand of C Series manual slicers are an excellent and economical alternative for operations with limited slicing requirements, kitchen space and/or budget. These slicers are ideal for slicing meat and produce only. For operations that slice two hours or less per day, the economy line of slicers is a great choice.


1C10, C12 NEW C Series Chefmate Slicer Manual (NSF 2010 Cert)EN202021-11-20
2C10, C12 NEW C Series Chefmate Slicer Manual (NSF 2010 Cert)FR202021-11-20
3C10, C12 NEW C Series Slicer Sanitizing and Cleaning Wall Chart (NSF 2010 Cert)EN12021-11-20
4C10 Slicer Spec SheetEN22021-11-20
5C12 Slicer Spec SheetEN22021-11-20
6Slicer Spec SheetEN22021-11-20
7Use and CareEN202022-10-08