GW Instek Instek PSB-2400H Programmable Multi-range DC power supply 800V/3A/400W




PSB-2400H 400W Multi-Range Programmable Switching D.C. Power SupplyInstek PSB-2400H 400W Multi-Range Programmable Switching D.C. Power SupplyxFeatures Multi-Range Output Constant-Power Control Power Factor Correction Circuit Rotatable Front Panel Controls Output Off Timer Function Sequence (SEQ) Function Protective Functions Preset Functions (Three Settings) External Control FunctionPSB-2000 Series Multi-Range DC Power SupplyFulfill Multi-Range and High-Voltage Output Simulation NeedsThe PSB-2000 series, which is a high power density, programmable and multi-range output DC power supply. There are six models in the series including one power booster unit. The PSB-2000 series has the output voltage of 0~80V and 0~800V, and the output power ranges of 0~400W and 0~800W. The multi-range output functionality facilitates flexible collocations of higher voltage and larger current under the rated power range. Both series and parallel connections can be applied to the PSB-2000 series to fulfill the requirements of h...


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