HellermannTyton HellermannTyton WIC0-6-PA66-YE (1000) Pre-printed cable marker Imprint 6 561-00664




Quick and easy to use vorbedruckter cable markers. Aufklickbar. Ideal for retrofitting or for maintenance and repair work. Perfect alignment of the character combinations by snapping the adjacent markers. Also with vibrations fixed seat with high material tension. WIC tool for all four sizes can be used. Assembly of the tool with up to 20 markers. Available in yellow color and in the colors of the international resistance color codes. More colors on request. 2-digit markings such as L1, L2, L3 and PE available. Color of the carrier the marker indicates the type: WIC0 (green), WIC1 (red), WIC2 (blue), WIC3 (yellow). Accessories for the identification of cables from 6 mm² to 25mm² (WICA-AC 10-25) and up to 95 mm² (WICA-ACT-BK) available WIC markers by simple pressing it with the ergonomically developed WIC Tool or, if no tools is available - simply by hand on the cable applied. Simply the markers in the tool imports, the first markers on the cable, rotate, and the next marker. As soon as all the markers on t...