Hype Warbird P-51 ARF ESC BL Dago red




(This text is machine translated) This scale reproduction of the Mustang P-51 Dago Red has nothing to envy to the original. The scale model is built in expanded EPPâ¯. ⯠Excellent flight behavior and unparalleled detail accuracy characterize the Hype Dago Red. This scale model is designed to be used outdoors in normal wind conditions. The aircraft is steered through ailerons, rudder and elevator, as well as motorized control. Ailerons and elevators: elastic flaps without slits, in order to obtain the maximum control surface. The reduced model carries out all the acrobatic figures without deviating from its trajectory and always follows the rudder. The Dago Red is delivered 95% assembled, the decorations are already affixed to the device. All components, such as servos, speed controller and brushless motor are already installed in the model. So is the servo linkage, ready to fly. The wing is installed and fixed to the fuselage by a screw. The Dago Red is driven by a 2000â¯kV direct-drive brushless motor. T...


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