Impact VC-500WLN 3-500Ws Digital Monolight with Transmitter Kit




The Impact VC-500WLN 3-500Ws Digital Monolight with Transmitter Kit is built around three VC-500WLN flash heads. Each head comes with a reflector, flashtube, 250W modeling lamp, power cable, and light stand. The included 16-channel, 4-group radio transmitter triggers the head's built-in receivers from up to 328' away. Three white umbrellas with black backing, a 24 x 36" softbox with silver interior and speedring, and a wheeled case are also included. The VC-500WLN 500Ws Digital monolights have full to 1/32 power range adjustable over 6 stops in 1/10 stop increments, very fast recycling time (1.5 seconds @ full power) and Proportional, Independent and Off settings for the 250W modeling light. Flash durations as short as 1/1200 sec freeze action with moving subjects while the VC-500WLN's 5600K color temperature remains constant within +/- 100K regardless of power setting. You can freely mix and match your remote flash units with the VC-500WLN. The flash's 7 optical slave modes allow it to interface with an o...