Innova Code Reader ABS/Check Engine Light OBD2 Scanner Live Data Diagnostic Scan Tool with Battery & Alternator Test/Code Severity Levels/Full OBDII Modes




* Limited Time Offer: Buy a 6030P and Case Together, you will save 40% OFF on the PROTECTIVE HARD CASE. * CEL & ABS Fix for Family: Compared to other complicated scanners on the market, Innova 6030P obd2 scanner is designed for all US family at an affordable price to assist with the most common automotive warning lights issues, namely check engine light(CEL) and ABS(brake) light faults. * Get Ride of Annoyance: During this difficult time, it can be annoyed when you found the warning lights on. With Code Severity Levels function of 6030P car scanner, you can quickly identify if your vehicle needs an immediate fix or if it can wait until you get home to fix it yourself. * Do it Yourself: Not only can you read codes to diagnose your car problem directly, you can also see key information about your vehicle in real time (RPM, Oil Temp, etc.) to aid in diagnosis. Furthermore, to get your car fixed, just download Repair Solutions 2 for free and pair with your 6030P bluetooth code reader, you will have access to a...


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