InstaTrim 1/2 in. x 3/4 in. x 120 in. PVC Inside Corner Self-adhesive Flexible Trim Moulding




Covers up to a 3/8 in. gap with added flexible wings on either side for extra coverage and protection against dust, dirt, moisture and air movement. Also see our 1/2 in. wide InstaTrim if your gap is just a bit narrower. Finishes an uneven space around baseboards and floors. It adheres to tile, ceramic, wood, vinyl, and more. InstaTrim can also be used to cover sloppy paint jobs on ceiling and wall corners, keep moisture from seeping through gaps around a sink or along with a backsplash. Apply InstaTrim around window and door molding to keep your energy bills low or use it on a toilet base to keep the bathroom sanitary. InstaTrim gives you a perfect line every time.