JennAir JennAir - 15" Electric Induction Cooktop - Black/silver




Cook safely and efficiently with this Jenn-Air modular induction cooktop. The flexible induction elements accommodate large griddles or Dutch ovens, and the minimal design keeps your kitchen looking sleek and professional. Use the glass-touch electronic controls on this Jenn-Air modular induction cooktop to get the exact cooking power you need.


1Dimension GuideEN22021-03-12
2Installation GuideEN,FR162022-04-19
3Installation InstructionsEN,FR182022-04-19
4Use and Care GuideEN,FR282021-09-16
5Dimension GuideEN22021-09-16
6Dimension GuideEN22022-04-19
7Dimension GuideEN22022-04-19
8Care GuideEN,FR282022-04-19
9Dimension GuideEN22020-06-06
10Installation GuideEN,FR182021-03-12
11Installation InstructionsEN,FR182021-09-16
12Instruction SheetEN12022-04-19
13Oven and Cooktop CombinationsEN12022-04-19
14Oven/Cooktop ComboEN12021-03-12
15Product Datasheet/BrochureFR12020-05-19
16Specification SheetEN12021-09-16
17Use and Care GuideEN,FR282021-03-12
18User ManualEN,FR282020-05-19
19Wiring SheetFR12022-04-19