JennAir JennAir - RISE 1.2 Cu. Ft. Built-in Microwave Drawer - Stainless steel




Open a world of power and speed with a touch. Striking, handle-free lines integrate seamlessly, while the intuitive LCD display launches precise, swift cycles controlled by finely tuned sensors.


1Dimension GuideEN112021-09-16
2Installation GuideEN,FR202022-04-19
3Installation InstructionsEN,FR202022-04-19
4Use and Care GuideEN,FR362022-04-19
5Dimension GuideEN112022-04-19
6Dimension GuideEN112022-04-19
7Dimension GuideEN112021-03-12
8Installation GuideEN,FR202020-05-18
9Installation InstructionsEN,FR202021-09-16
10Owners ManualEN,FR362022-04-19
11Parts ListEN132022-04-19
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