KV 4



The new cordless wiper KV 4 from Kärcher ideally replaces the traditional spray bottle, so that wetting and wiping of the surface to be cleaned can be achieved with up to 30% less effort. The KV 4 is suitable for all smooth surfaces, so it can be easily used on glass, tiles, faucets, ceramic hobs, kitchen worktops and much more. The liquid is applied to the KV 4 directly and automatically on the cleaning pad. Due to the triggered vibrations, the dirt can be removed easily and without scrubbing. The easy filling of the tank as well as uncomplicated wiping attachment make the preparation time before using this cordless wiper particularly short. The KV 4 is powered by an integrated 3.7 V Li-ion battery. The Li-ion batteries are characterized u. a. due to low self-discharge and no memory effect. With one battery charge can handle up to 33 windows (about 100 m²). Take back of electrical appliances