Kemimoto 6 L Oil Extractor Pump Manual Oil Transmission pump Coolant Change Tool Oil Extraction for Cars, Tractors, Gas Mowers, Marine Engines, Small Aircraft Engines and Coolant and Hydraulic Systems




* Easy to pump Multi-fluid out: The oil extractor works by sucking the oil from the crankcase through a thin hose inserted in the dipstick opening then you pump repeatedly to create a vacuum that pulls the hot oil into an easy-to-carry container with 6L capacity. You can pump any type of fluid, like engine oil, transmission, radiator coolant, water, and more without much effort and mess. * Multi-size Hoses: There are four size hoses for your choice if you buy a Kemimoto oil vacuum pump extractor: 2.5mm/ 4mm/ 6mm/ 8mm to apply different engine or machine. * Wide Application: Fluid pump extractor evacuates fluids directly from dipstick tubes; At 6 liters of capacity, this manual oil and fluid pump can be used as an oil change pump extractor and fluid transfer pump on most light and heavy duty vehicles, tractors, garden gas mowers, marine engines, small aircraft engines, industrial gear boxes, and coolant and hydraulic systems, etc. * Perfect Tool for DIY'er: This handy manual oil pump extractor is the perfec...


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