Kinertial 48 in. Exercise Fitness Rebounder-Heavy-Duty Trampoline with Protective Mat




The Kinertial 48 in. Fitness Rebounder Trampoline is a safe and effective way to exercise at home or at the office for improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle and core strength, increased circulation and to aid in weight loss. with as little as 15-minutes to 20-minutes of rebounding you will get a beneficial, full-body workout. Start at your own pace and find your own routine that best suits you. Rebounding also makes a difference in your mental well-being, helping you destress by increasing your blood flow which aids the body is releasing endorphins (your brain's natural calming aid) Lastly, rebounding is really fun and easy. Just get on your rebounder, turn on your favorite music or show and find your flow.


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