Kramer 1:1 Computer Graphics Video Line Amplifier




The Kramer 1:1 Computer Graphics Video Line Amplifier is a line driver that compensates for signal losses (signals exceeding UXGA, 1600 x 1200 pixels) in long cable runs. The line amplifier is applicable for dual monitor and presentation systems as well as for remote transmission and cable equalization. The Kr-isp Advanced Sync Processing technology, which can be enabled or disabled, restores the sync signal waveform and ensures compatibility with an array of computers (even at low sync level). The amplifier has 1 XGA input and output on a 15-pin HD connector and is compatible with HDTV component video signals using the breakout cable (Kramer CGM/3RVF). S/N ratio of 75dB means clear signals without any grainy video noise. The 500MHz bandwidth at -3dB ensures transparency even at the highest resolution. An EQ trimmer adjusts the cable compensation equalization level for the output. The optional RK-3T rack adapter allows 3 units to be mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space.


1Spec SheetEN22023-02-06
2User ManualEN112019-07-26