Landmark 24 Inch Wide 147 Can Capacity Beverage Cooler with Alternating (Blue, White, Amber) LED lighting, Door Alarm, Touch Control Panel and Lockable Right Hinged Door




Please Note: Panel ready appliances are designed to utilize custom panels to match your cabinetry. The panel ready finish option does not include the pictured wood paneling. The pictured hande is included. Product Highlights: Everglide® Hinges : Soft Close, Zero Clearance Door Hinges designed to prevent jostling and operate smoothly. Everglide™ Shelves : Effortless shelf extension for easy access to every beverage. Height Adjustable Shelving : Fully adjustable shelf heights create space for the largest items down to the smallest. 3-Color LED Lighting : Best in class LED cabinet lighting. Alternate between White, Blue, or Amber. ClimateZone® Precision Cooling : Forced air cooling system maintains cool air evenly throughout the cabinet at precise temperatures. Carbon Filtration : Integrated carbon filter prevents and protects from harmful odors. Additional Features: Low Temperature: Get your beverages as cold as possible without freezing -- this unit is able to reach temperatures as low as 34°F Added Securit...


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2Owner's Manual (Panel Ready)EN162022-10-04
3Owner's Manual (Stainless Steel)EN162022-10-04
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