LAUNCH Scan Tool CRP Touch PRO Elite 2021 Newest All System Diagnostic Scanner Tool, 7 Reset Services Oil SAS EBP BMS DPF ABS Bleeding Throttle Adaptation Auto VIN 7.0 Android, One-Click Free Update

LAUNCH touch pro elite scanner



* 2021 New Elite Ver. PK OEM scan tools +7 hot reset services: As the 2021 upgraded version of LAUNCH CRP TOUCH PRO, built with large 5" touch HD screen, this LAUNCH scan tool features OE-LEVEL full systems diagnosis, AUTO VIN scan, and adds two more service functions to help earn your investment costs back soon: Oil Reset, SAS Service, EPB Service, BMS Reset, DPF Service, Throttle Adaptation and ABS Bleeding. *The availability varies the vehicle make, model, and year. * ALL SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC TOOL + BROAD VEHICLE COVERAGE: LAUNCH CRP TOUCH PRO ELITE diagnostic scanner allows you to diagnose on all available vehicle modules including: Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, IMMO, Gateway, Steering, Radio, Air Conditioner, etc. to pinpoint the issue by reading codes, real-time live data and ECU info, to resolve the problem by clearing codes. It works on 44+ mainstream car brands and 10000+ car models. *LAUNCH will weekly update the vehicle software list. * AUTO VIN + DIAGNOSTIC REPORT + ONE-CLICK UPDAT...


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