Leviton eXtreme 5 ft. Cat 6 Plus SlimLine Patch Cord, White




Leviton's SlimLine patch cords are bootless and feature a narrow profile to support traditional and today's high-density applications. Snagless plug design makes Leviton's SlimLine Patch Cords an excellent choice in environments where moves, adds and changes are frequent. High-quality patch cords are a critical and sometimes overlooked, part of any high-performance cabling system. Leviton's eXtreme 6 plus Patch Cords use compliant stranded wire as specified by the latest published TIA guidelines to ensure adequate 'flex life' and long term channel integrity. All of Leviton's patch cords have quality construction to maintain the quality of signal transmission at the cross-connect, which is critical to the performance of the entire cabling system. eXtreme 6 plus System components meet or exceed the requirements for channel/component-level performance per TIA/EIA Category 6 and are part of Leviton's high-performance eXtreme 6 plus System, which delivers reliable, error-free transmission in an active, real-tim...