Lewis Tools Compost Aerator




The decomposition occurring in the compost pile takes up all the available oxygen. Aeration is the replacement of oxygen to the center of the compost pile where it is lacking. Efficient decomposition can only occur if sufficient oxygen is present. Turning the compost pile is an effective means of adding oxygen and brings newly added material into contact with microbes. If the compost pile is not aerated, it may produce an odor symptomatic anaerobic decomposition. Operating Instructions 1. Thrust the Compost Aerator directly into the center of your compost pile. 2. As you pull up on the Compost Aerator, the folding wings will open and turn the compost. 3. Repeat until your compost is thoroughly mixed. Composting Tips 1) Turn your compost often (once or twice a week is ideal) to allow air to circulate. This will accelerate decomposition by providing microbes with necessary oxygen. 2) Locate your compost pile in a convenient location with good drainage, where it will receive about half a day of sun and remain...