LG LG Five Zone 60K Total BTU - 19.9 SEER - 208/230 Volt Energy Star Mini Split Package with 5 Wall Units (24K + 15K + 12K + 12K + 7K)




Please note: Mini splits must be installed by a professional according to your local codes. Any mini split installed otherwise will void any manufacturer warranty.Professional installation required for warranty coverageKit Includes:One LMU600HV outdoor condenserOne LMN079HVT indoor unitOne LMN159HVT indoor unitOne LMN249HVT indoor unitFive LSN120HSV5 indoor unitsFive remote controllersFeatures:60000 total BTU output efficiently keeps up to five separate rooms at the perfect temperature throughout the yea...


1Engineering ManualEN2242022-11-23
2LMN078HVT Specification SheetEN22020-06-04
3LMN079HVT BrochureEN22022-11-23
4LMN079HVT SubmittalEN22022-11-23
5LMN158HVT Specification SheetEN22020-06-04
6LMN159HVT SubmittalEN22022-11-23
7LMN248HVT Specification SheetEN22020-06-04
8LMN249HVT SubmittalEN22022-11-23
9LMU600HV Specification SheetEN32020-06-04
10LSN120HSV4 Owner's ManualEN,ID542020-06-04
11LSN120HSV4 Specification SheetEN22020-06-04
12LSN120HSV5 SubmittalEN22022-11-23
13Multi F Installation ManualEN802022-11-23
14Multi F LMU540HV Installation ManualEN572022-11-23
15Multi F MAX LMU601HV SubmittalEN32022-11-23
16Multi F Outdoor Condenser Installation ManualEN1042022-11-23
17Multi F Outdoor Unit Engineering ManualEN2322022-11-23
18Multi F PMBD3620 SubmittalEN22022-11-23
19Multi F PMBD3630 SubmittalEN22022-11-23
20Multi F PMBL5620 SubmittalEN12022-11-23
21Wall Mount Owner's ManualEN392022-11-23
22Wall Mounted Installation ManualEN,ID642022-11-23