LG Art Cool Mirror Wall Mounted 5-Zone LGREDĀ° Heat System System - 48,000 BTU Outdoor - 9k + 9k + 9k + 12k + 12k Indoor - 20.5 SEER




LG's devotion to providing efficient ductless solutions can be seen across the Multi F line. This wall mounted designer ductless heat pump system pairs a powerful LMU480HHV outdoor condenser with LG's Art Cool Mirror Indoor line. With a sleek mirrore...


1LAN090HSV5 SubmittalEN22022-11-23
2LAN120HSV5 SubmittalEN22022-11-23
3LGRED Installation ManualEN1012022-11-23
4LMU480HHV SubmittalEN32022-11-23
5Multi F BrochureEN62022-11-23
6Multi F Installation ManualEN802022-11-23
7Multi F LMU540HV Installation ManualEN572022-11-23
8Multi F Outdoor Unit Engineering ManualEN2322022-11-23
9Multi F PMBD3620 SubmittalEN22022-11-23
10Multi F PMBD3630 SubmittalEN22022-11-23
11Multi F PMBL5620 SubmittalEN12022-11-23
12Wall Mount Owner's ManualEN392022-11-23