LONGWEI DC Power Supply Variable 30V 5A, (Precision 00.01V,0.001A)4-Digital LED Display, Precision Adjustable Regulated Switching Power Supply Digital with Alligator Leads US Power Cord

K305D 4-Digit LED Display



* High Precision, Wide Range: LONGWEI DC power supply is a professional power supply regulation device that designed with crystal clear, backlit 4-digit LED display of voltage, current, and power. Precise accuracy: 00.01V and 0.001A. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-5A. Very durable and easy to observe even in low light conditions. * High Quality with Essential Safety: Safety is our priority. Grounding wire, The power supply takes the function of limited flow protection, overpower protection, over temperature protection, voltage overload protection. greatly improving its working efficiency and lifespan! * Excellent Heat Dissipation: Equipped with a big fan controlled by intelligent temperature control sensor and multiple heat radiation grooves on both sides, Intelligent fan offers excellent heat dissipation effect, which reduces the noise and prolongs the life of product effectively. * Various Application: This one weighs less than 2kgs and measures only 2.7*8.6*6.3inches, Applies for laboratory, ...


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