Mackie M48 is a 48V Phantom power supply that allows you to power various audio equipment, including microphones a condenser and DI Box and is the perfect tool for the I work when you need a power source reliable. The M48 is a brilliant addition to the arsenal of any sound technician and fits perfectly into the home and project studies, live events, etc. The M48 uses both the input and the XLR output, so adjusting the box is a simple process, while dual LEDs provide indicators of the power level to signal if it is powered or not o if the battery is flat. This Phantom power supply always provides a clean 48-volt power supply and can be powered via a power supply or via one battery for maximum flexibility when working in a place. This power supply is equipped with a robust casing "built like a tank" in large caliber steel and designed to withstand prolonged use.


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