MATRIX Programmable PEL-8150 DC Electronic Load 150W, 150V, 0-30A, 1 Channel




Parameters Model:PEL-8150 Input rating power:150W Input rating current:0~30A Input rating voltage:150V CC mode Range:0-3A/0-30A Resolution:0.1mA Accuracy:0.03%+0.05% CV mode Range:0.1-19.999V 0.1-150V Resolution:1mV/10mV Accuracy:0.03%+0.05% CR mode Range:0.3Ω-10k/0.3Ω-5k Resolution:16bits Accuracy:0.2%+0.2% CW mode Range:0-150W Resolution:1mW/10mW Accuracy:0.2%+0.2% V measurement Voltage:0-19.999V/0-150V Resolution:1mV/10mV Accuracy:0.015% 0.05%FS C measurement Current:0-3A/0-30A Resolution:0.1mA/1mA Accuracy:0.03%+0.05%FS/0.03%+0.08%FS W measurement Watt:100W/150W Resolution:1mW/10mW Accuracy:0.2%+0.2% Short circuit Current(CC):3A/30A Voltage(CV):0V Resistancec(CR):55mΩ/25mΩ Operating Temperature:0-40°C Environment Temperature:-10°C~70°C N.W:4.1kg/9lb G.W:5kg/11lb Instrument size:12.4*3.9*13.9 inch Features: * CC, CV, CR, CP, short circuit, dynamic and other working modes * Over voltage, overcurrent, overpower, overheat, polarity reverse protection * High brightness vacuum VFD screen and display V,A,P si...


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