Maxsa MAXSA 37359 Park Right Parking Mat, Red




Color:Red Product Description Park your car safely and easily with the parking mat. Roll over the first raised bump and be stopped by the second raised bump for the perfect parking position, every time. Park Safely and Prevent Damage To Your Car Or Garage Park your car safely, every time Park perfectly every time with the MAXSA Innovations Park Right Parking Mat. Included anti-skid tape prevents the mat from moving. Reflective tape provides high visibility for easier parking. A built-in drip tray prevents water, snow, or dirt from falling onto the floor. One size fits all passenger vehicles. Great for boats and RVs. Includes 1 mat. Works with Any Vehicle The mat's large size means any tire can fit and benefit from the Parking Mat. Two bumps let you know when you are positioned on the parking mat. The first, smaller bump lets you know you’re on top of the mat and the second, larger bump lets you know to stop. What Makes MAXSA Parking Mats So Useful? MAXSA Parking Mats can accommodate any vehicle,...


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