Mitsubishi Wall Mounted 5-Zone System - 48,000 BTU Outdoor - 6k + 6k + 9k + 12k + 12k Indoor - 23.0 SEER

MXZ-SM48NAM 2-FS06 FS09 2-FS12



With the M-Series from Mitsubishi Electric you can enjoy ideal levels of comfort in the rooms you use most with Mitsubishi\'s multiroom system. Each room (zone) operates independently. People in different rooms such as the kitchen, master bedroom, or...


1Branch Box Installation ManualEN142022-11-23
2M-Series BrochureEN302022-11-23
3MSZ-FS Installation ManualEN82022-11-23
4MSZ-FS Operation ManualEN,ES,FR442022-11-23
5MSZ-FS06NA SubmittalEN32022-11-23
6MSZ-FS09NA SubmittalEN32022-11-23
7MSZ-FS12NA SubmittalEN32022-11-23
8MXZ-SM48NAM Installation ManualEN,ES,FR682022-11-23
9MXZ-SM48NAM Service ManualCA,DE,EN1662022-11-23
10MXZ-SM48NAM SubmittalEN52022-11-23