MSI MPG A650GF 650W ATX 80 Plus Gold PSU Power Supply - Black




The MPG gaming power supply is equipped to support the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000/2000 Series and AMD GPUs. The efficiency of your power supply can make a world of a difference; it's why we offer a reliable 80+ Gold power proficiency PSU and a 10-year limited warranty guaranteeing a long term reliable solution for your gaming system. Organizing cables is often the most bothersome part of building a PC. With the MPG gaming power supply's fully modular design, we've given you the option of what cables you'll need for your system and defeat the clutter. With that in mind we've gone with a flat black design to further help you create the most beautiful cable managed pc system around. The remaining cables can be nicely stored away in the included cable bag. The MPG gaming power supply comes in 160mm and 150mm wide dimensions to ensure a comfortable fit in more pc chassis so it can continue to maintain a comfortable space for your cable management needs.


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