NeatHeat 80/09 Tall Series 6 ft. Hot Water Hydronic Baseboard Cover (Not for Electric Baseboard)

FC-06 80/09



NeatHeat 80/09 Tall Series baseboard front cover is made of polymer and the end caps are ABS plastic. This 80/09 Tall version of NeatHeat is only for use with High Output Baseboard Heaters. They can be installed over complete heaters but does not need the presence of the front cover or damper. They are melt proof until approximately 460°F. You can save yourself up to USD 75 per hour in labor plus the cost of material by installing NeatHeat instead of having a plumber install new baseboard throughout your home. You can install NeatHeat throughout the entire property in less time and without specials tools as it snaps on over the existing baseboard heater. NeatHeat will never rust or need replacing. It doesn't have any sharp edges and helps protect against children's and grandchildren's fingers touching the sharp fins inside. Important: Please refer to the measuring guide prior to purchasing to make sure your individual baseboard heaters are the correct size for the NeatHeat 80/09 Tall Series.