NXR Entree Bundle 30 in. 4.5 cu. ft. Pro-Style Liquid Propane Range Convection Oven Range Hood in Stainless Steel and Black




Experience the NXR Entree, the all stainless steel professional style LP gas range designed to be the centerpiece of your kitchen. The NXR Entrees sleek design brings the look and feel of a commercial restaurant-style range into your home. The heart and soul of a range is the burner and the NXR Entree features world-class single-stack burners manufactured in Germany by Isphording. The NXR Entree offers the ultimate versatility and each burner has a purpose. The re-ignition system is all about safety and will protect against gas buildup. The cook-top drip pan is made with black porcelain so spills can easily be cleaned up. Underneath it all, the NXR Entree is made up of globally sourced parts selected specifically to perform. The ovens broiler burner will allow you to show off your cooking abilities exposing your food directly to high heat, searing and sealing in flavor, perfect for quickly cooking thin cuts of meat. The convection fan will circulate air to promote even cooking, instantly boosting your baki...


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