OEMTOOLS 8.0 Liter Oil Extractor, Oil, Transmission, Coolant Change Tool, Easy-to-Use Hand Pump, Extract Fluid Through Dipstick Tubes, No Mess




EASY TO USE: The OEMTOOLS 24936 8.0 Liter Hand-Pump and Pneumatic Suction Pump is a remarkable time- and effort-saving oil change tool. This hybrid manual and vacuum oil extractor is designed to prevent mess, and to make it easy for anyone to change automobile fluids without needing to get under the vehicle or to use a shop lift. Our air fluid extractor is by far the easiest way to change automotive fluids. NO MESS: The OEMTOOLS pneumatic and manual fluid extractor is thoughtfully designed with a shutoff valve that prevents overflowing. And because of the easy-to-remove lid, the oil or extracted fluid can be dumped for easy recycling. Not only is this great for automobiles, it's also a top-flight lawn mower oil change pump, marine fluid extractor, and motorcycle fluid extractor (pneumatic and manual). PRO & DIY MECHANICS: Anyone who’s ever changed their oil at home has probably dreamed about changing their oil without the need to shimmy beneath their vehicle. The OEMTOOLS pneumatic and manual oil extractor...


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