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Fuel systems are complicated enough, so we’ve made it easier to check fuel pressure with the OEMTOOLS 27167 Fuel Pressure Test Kit. Loaded with features, the auto fuel pressure tester kit includes all the tools you need for accurate fuel pressure readings. Not only can you test fuel pressure, the included multimeter in the OEM fuel pressure test kit can perform basic electrical tests. Keep your fuel system healthy with this fuel pressure testing kit so you can know the next steps to take in fixing the problem of high or low fuel pressure. The multitude of adapters included in the fuel pump pressure tester kit expand the types of automobiles you can test so you don’t have to buy multiple types of testers. If you’re a professional auto expert or a DIY mechanic, the fuel pressure gauge tester kit is super easy to use and takes minutes to get started, saving you time and energy. Be informed on how your fuel pressure is working with this fuel gauge kit. The fuel pressure gauge tool kit includes: test gauge, boo...


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