OFF ROAD BOAR 9500-lb. Electric Winch Kit for Jeep Truck, 12V IP67 Waterproof Quality Winch, Both Wireless Handheld Remote and Wired Handle(Synthetic Rope)




* Premium Choice:9500Lb (4.31T) traction force electric winch, suitable for ATV/UTV/mini/car/ship/jeep/modified vehicle and multi-purpose trailer; * Product Advantages: Steel planetary gears and sealed low ampere permanent magnet motors provide faster linear speeds under load and have lower amperage; * Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) 20.3 x 6.3 x 7.9 (inches), bolt type: 10.00±0.015" x4.50±0.010", Fixed bolt style: 3.13 (inch), Cable: 94ft of 21/64", Please confirm whether the mounting plate is suitable before purchasing; * Configuration: High-performance pure copper motor, High-strength synthetic rope, aluminum Hawse Winch Fairlead, alloy forged hook, dual configuration of wired and wireless remote control; * Off-road Helper: Putting this winch on your off-road vehicle will allow you to overcome more complex road conditions in the wild. No matter the wilderness、jungle or snow、sand, escort your off-road trip;


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