OTC 6,000 lb. (3-Ton) Capacity Load Leveler for use with Engine Hoist/Floor Crane




OTC's 6,000 pound capacity load leveler is designed to be used in conjunction with a crane or hoist to lift engines, transmissions, or other heavy components. The leveler allows tilting or leveling of the component as needed to facilitate removal or installation by turning the leveler's drive screw with hand or pneumatic tools. Spread is adjustable from as narrow as 30 inches to as wide as 46 inches. Spreader bar adjustment is secured with locking bolts. Makes engine removal and installation a snap, even in close quarters. Includes two lengths of grade 80 chain with safety hooks attached to each. Backed by OTC's Lifetime Marathon Warranty. Value is at the core of the OTC tool and equipment portfolio. Whether it’s a simple repair or the most complex drivability concern, these award-winning tools universally solve problems faster, and at better value, than any other product line available. Whether it’s a specialty tool or unique piece of service equipment, OTC provides top solutions to modern automotive serv...


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