Parat PROTECT 20-F Professionals, DIYers, Trades people, Engineers Tool box (empty) (L x W x H) 176 x 464 x




When transporting expensive tools and measuring instruments, nothing must be left to chance – this applies to military, police and rescue services as well as in industry, maritime transport and the like. The good news, thanks to THE READY-made protective case PROTECT 20 with grid foam, every danger is eliminated. Its extra strong polypropylene wall not only makes it extremely stable, but also water, dust and air have no chance to penetrate thanks to a circumferential neoprene seal. In parallel, a valve automatically provides pressure compensation. Impact can not damage the special case, which can be transported by means of a heavy-duty and soft grip. With all these security features, the PROTECT 20 effortlessly achieves military standards. It is simply opened and closed with two two-stage snap locks, different holes for padlocks secure the valuable contents against unauthorized access. If you have the right key, you will encounter perfectly fitting foam inserts after opening, which serve as a visual backup...