The PowerOver PS100 by Polaroid is perfect as a mobile power outlet and storage with lithium-ion battery. It can provide on the way for the necessary power supply of laptop, PC or smartphone. The fields of application are e.g. for day trips, camping, beach visits or outdoor activities. The continuous power is 80 W and is in peak up to 120 W. The power bank has a capacity of 84 Wh. The power bank has a 5 V, 3 A type-C input, a 5 V, 3 A (max 18 W) USB, one 5V, 2.4A USB, one 5V, 3A type-C and one 220V / 50Hz or 10V / 60Hz (region dependent) AC output. The PS100 can be charged with compatible solar panels or sockets. The use of the power bank can also be done during the recharge time. Take back of electrical appliances