Profi-Care PC-FT 3095 Fever thermometer Non-contact




Fast measurement results — Fever is a warning signal of the body that you should detect and observe quickly and safely. For instant certainty, the ProfitCare PC-FT 3095 contactless forehead thermometer is a useful tool to help you with your own health check. Top Highlight — the 3-colored LCD fiddle informs you conscientiously within seconds (green: Normal 34.0 - 37.4 °C; orange: Increases 37.5 - 37.9 C; red: Fever 38.0 - 43.0 °C). Top Features — the PC-FT 3095 also scores with an acoustic end signal, a silent mode (signal tone can be switched off), a simple 1 button operation and a battery change display. This text is machine translated.