ProForm R600 Rowing Machine




Designed for an all-over body workout, the R600 Rowing Machine will work your back, arms, legs and core all in the comfort of your own home. Using an air-based resistance system, the R600 rowing machine reacts to every stroke of your workout. The harder you row, the more air is displaced by the fan creating a greater workout intensity which in turn burns more calories. The harder you work the better results and the R600 will be with you every step of the way in your fitness journey. With a large forward facing LCD screen, you can monitor during your workout things like speed, time, distance, RPM as well as calories burned. Installed on the machine is 24 pre-set programs, giving you greater flexibility and goal setting in your workout regime.Once you are finished your workout, the One-Step Space Saver system allows you to quickly fold the machine up and roll out of the way, giving you back your floor space.