Protectyte Miterless 6 in. x 6 in. Untreated Wood Flat Slip Over Fence Post Cap with Copper Pyramid




Give your fence the protection it deserves with 6 in. x 6 in. Slip Over Miterless Wood Post Caps. Fitting atop fence posts measuring 5-1/2 in. to 5-3/4 in., the stylish pyramid shape prolongs the life of any fence post by guarding against rain and the elements. The one piece joint-less design features a New England style trim and no staples or glue. The advantage of Miterless wood post caps is evident in the prolonged life of fence posts and caps. Outfitted with a 100% copper top, the hard wood base is ready for weather treating to maximize protection. The metal pyramid naturally turns to a patina green finish over time unless specially treated to retain its copper sheen. Most effective when mounted with glue, the wood post cap installs easily and adds style to your yard while helping your fence last a lifetime.


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