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Trail Finder 2 Front Axle 3-Link Kit w/Panhard Setup



This is an optional RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Front Axle 3 Link Kit with Panhard Setup. This kit replaces the stock front leaf spring setup with a more advanced 3 link style setup for improved performance. Includes everything needed to complete the conversion. Features: CNC Machined Parts Plastic Rod ends All hardware included for conversion Instructions included Includes: (1) Front Axle Truss (3) TF2 Chassis Panhard mount (2) TF2 Chassis link mounts (2) 81mm Link (black) (1) 67mm Link (black) (1) 60mm Link (black) (2) M3 x 8mm FHSC (black) (4) M3 x 8mm BHSC (black) (2) M3 x 10mm BHSC (black) (8) M3 x 12mm BHSC (black) (2) M3 x 14mm BHSC (black) (2) M3 x 16mm BHSC (black) (6) M3 x 15mm SSS (Z-S0650) (4) M3 x 10mm SSS (Z-S0308) (2) TF2 2mm spacer (Z-S0600) (2) M3 Mini plastic rod end (Z-S0398) (2) M3 Short plastic rod end (Z-S0402) (6) M3 Medium Straight plastic rod end (Z-S0399) (1) Instruction manual