Renogy 5-watt Solar Charger




Renogy's 5-watt battery charger and maintainer uses the sun to provide your battery the juice it needs. This kit includes two cable options to connect the solar panel directly to your vehicle's battery, or you can use the SAE-to-12-volt output cable to link to a 12-volt outlet from inside your vehicle. Then, use the included suction cups to mount the panel on your vehicle's window to absorb those helpful rays. Built-in protection makes sure that the battery safely gets the power it needs to be ready for your needs. Not only will this maintainer help your primary vehicle's battery, but it's also a great option to trickle charge the batteries in those "toys" you may not use everyday, like boats, campers, lawn mowers, motorcycles, and side-by-side vehicles. That way, they'll be good to go when you are. Installation notes: For some vehicles, the 12-volt power outlet (cigarette lighter port) may not operate when the ignition is turned "off." For these vehicles, Renogy suggests connecting the solar battery charg...


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