RetroSound Exile® Battery Keeper™




It's great to drive your classic car every day. But if your car gets saved for special occasions, you may need a way to maintain your battery's charge at the proper level and a powerful battery charger. Designed with vintage and classic vehicles in mind, the Exile EX-1 Battery Keeper from Retrosound is perfect for anyone who doesn't drive their vehicle every day. It offers four charging stages: This versatile charger works with 6-volt and 12-volt systems, and charges AGM (gel cell) and standard/maintenance-free batteries. You'll enjoy longer battery life because the "battery keeper" stage monitors the charge level continuously and automatically maintains the battery at a safe, normal level without any over-charging that can shorten battery life. The dust- and water-resistant Battery Keeper can be mounted permanently next to the battery in almost any vehicle. When you're ready to drive, just unplug and hit the road. If you forget to plug it back in when you get home, the EX-1's low backcurrent drain means i...


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