Samlex America Samlex SSW-1500-12A 1500 Watts 12 Volts DC Pure Sine Wave Inverter




The Samlex America SSW-1500-12A pure sine wave inverter is designed to compete with lower priced inverters, yet deliver the same quality and performance you would expect from Samlex. It is well suited for powering your AC devices and electronics. Its 100% pure sine wave output means that it's compatible with any standard 115 Volts AC device. This includes laptop computers, TV's, AC charging adapters for phones and tablets, radios, CD players, DVD players, MP3 players, small to medium sized power tools, lights, small to medium sized vacuum cleaners, air compressors, small refrigerators, and much more. The SSW-1500-12A is ETL listed (to UL 458) for safety compliance and it's also equipped with an automatic shutoff feature that detects over-voltage, under-voltage, ground faults, overload, short circuit, and over-temperature conditions. The cooling fan is capable of low speed and high speed, depending on the inverter temperature. When using the SSW-1500-12A in a vehicle, it is recommended that you connect the...


1Samlex SSW-1500-12A Owner's ManualEN,FR402019-02-21
2Samlex SSW-1500-12A SpecificationsN/A12019-02-21
3Samlex SSW-R1-12B Remote Control ManualEN,FR202019-02-21
4Samlex SSW-R1-12B Remote Control SpecificationsEN12019-02-21
5User ManualEN,FR522021-06-08