Scala SC 53 Fever thermometer Incl. fever alarm




The SC 53 FH is an infrared thermometer. It determines the body temperature within just two seconds. The end of the measurement is indicated by a beep. The measurement of the body temperature can be done in the ear or on the forehead. Up to ten measured values can be stored in the memory. To recall the stored values, press the power button and immediately afterwards the memory button on the back of the thermometer. It is also possible to measure the ambient temperature (e.g. of a living room). In the sleep mode, switched off in the recording, the infrared thermometer shows the room temperature and the time alternately as an attractive clock. The thermometer is packed in a jewel case and comes with a holder (stand). In the recording, the thermometer can also be used as a room or night table clock. Notes on measurement: Measurement in the ear: Always take the measurement in the ear on the same ear to prevent inaccurate values. In children, adults should take the measurement. In infants, measurement in the ea...