Siemens SSC 1 maker 1 pc(s) 3RF2330-1BA44




Solid-state contactor 1-phase 3RF2 AC 15 / 15 A / 40 °C 48-460 V / DC 4-30 V Screw connection momentary switching SIRIUS 3RF23 solid-state contactor for switching resistive/inductive loads, e.g. of radiators or valves in a filling plant. The devices are wear-free and silent and are ideal for noise-sensitive areas (offices, hospitals). They are extremely reliable even at high switching frequencies. Since the heat sink is already integrated, it can be used directly in the control cabinet. The compact design saves space on the DIN rail. The solid-state contactors can also be expanded by simply clicking on the standardized 3RF29 function modules for a wide range of applications. The devices are approved worldwide (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA). The solid-state contactors are available as single-phase or three-phase devices. They are available for different power ratings and rated operating voltages. Designed for AC or DC operation, they are available with screw, spring-loaded or ring cable lug connection. In addition t...


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