Siemens Busbar 63 A




Pin busbar, 10mm2 16TE, 4-phase, can be cut FI 4P N right and 6 LS 1P+N touch-proof with end caps Additional components for residual current protective devices and circuit breaker from Siemens. The additional components from Siemens are an important component of the SENTRON protective devices for electrical installation. As accessories for FI and miniature circuit breakers, they offer many possibilities for implementing diverser functions. Whether for infrastructure or industrial applications, Siemens offers the right accessories for all FI and miniature circuit breakers. So you have the right device for every requirement. The Siemens accessories for residual current circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers are characterized above all by: 1. Universal attachment of all additional components. 2. Convenient and easy installation and connection technology. 3. Reliable safety during installation thanks to standard touch protection. 4. Optimum technology for your safety - only from Siemens. This text is ...


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