Siemens 20 Amp 120-Volt 1-Pole Tandem CAFCI Type QTA Circuit Breaker




Siemens introduces new Tandem Combination Type Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (CAFCI), expanding the capabilities of the CAFCI, designed to allow 1 breaker to feed 2 circuits - saving on both space in the load center and installation time, while keeping safety and compliance top of mind. Siemens Tandem AFCI breakers are the perfect solution to wiring made easier, allowing for smaller load center needs due to the combined position use. Trusted lug wire indicator flags are installed to show when load wires are correctly inserted into the lugs. Siemens CAFCI breakers are ideal for new construction and renovations, available in either Plug-On Neutral or Pigtail versions. Siemens Tandem AFCI breakers are National Electrical Code (NEC) 210.12 compliant.


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