Smart-AVI KLX-TX500 Chainable DVI/VGA KVM Transmitter with Power Supply




The KLX-TX500 Chainable DVI/VGA KVM Transmitter from Smart-AVI transmits DVI/VGA, KVM, and IR signals up to 500' via LAN. It is designed for use with the KLX-RX500 Receiver. You can set up your own extension cabling or utilize the pre-existing LAN infrastructure you have access to. The KLX-TX500 Transmitter compresses data to utilize Cat5e/6 cables, but you will see no degradation of signal when using one Gigabit Internet connections and up. When utilizing pre-existing LAN connections, implementing a one Gigabit switch allows for full resolution extension. If you use smaller bandwidth, you will experience compressed signals, if you choose to forgo the additional switch. With no software or driver required, you can easily extend DVI/VGA, KVM, and IR signals. The KLX-TX500 Transmitter supports USB emulation and Full HD 1080p video at 60 Hz, and can be controlled with an IR remote control (not included). The transmitter is a compact unit that is suitable for use in pre-configured work environments.