Square D 30a DU221RB 240v AC Disconnect NEMA3R No Fuse 2 Pole




Many utilities require an AC disconnect between a grid-tie inverter and the AC load center, close to the AC service entrance, with a visible and lockable handle. A 30-amp 240-volt disconnect is good for up to 7.2kW and the 60-amp disconnect is good for up to 14.4kW. Unbound Solar recommends these Square D 240VAC NEMA 3R safety switch disconnects for use with gridtie inverters that don’t already have pre-built disconnects. They are non-fusible, rated at 240VAC and 30 amps. Additional Features: Residential or light commercial applications UL listed NEMA3R outdoor enclosure Two-pole with lugs suitable for aluminum or copper wires Quick reliable on-off operating mechanism Exterior handle for positive visual that the switch is "off" Lockable handle for safety of electrical or emergency personnel UL listed to handle 30 amps at 240VAC per pole


1DU221RB Safety Disconnect SpecificationsEN12022-10-26