Square D Fuse-Disconnector TeSys, 3P 30A, Fuse Size 0.41" x 1.5", Screw type




TeSys LS1 Fuse Holders: 45 mm wide (same dimensions as GV2ME) Mounts directly to LC1D09–D38 contactors (with use of GV2AF3 or GV2AF4) Meets application needs for fusible starter Uses GV2AE instantaneous contact blocks to open control circuits DIN rail mounted Features: Range: TeSys Product name: TeSys LS1 Product or component type: Fuse Disconnector Device short name: LS1D Poles: 3P Mounting support: Rail Mounting position Vertical +/- 23 degrees Control type: Toggle [Ue] rated operational voltage: 600 V AC [Ie] rated operational current: 30 A Local Signalling: Blown fuse indication Fuse Size: 0.41" x 1.50" Fuse type: CC Warranty: 18 Months Standards: IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-2, IEC 60947-4-1, UL 508 Product certifications UL recognized, CSA


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