Stabila FLS90 50 ft. Red Beam Self-Leveling Floor Line Laser Level




The Stabila FLS 90 Floor Line Laser is a reliable and easy-to-use line laser specifically designed for flooring and tiling applications. It projects 2 razor-sharp, straight laser lines that provide a perfect 90° angle useful for checking the squareness of walls or accurately laying out floor tiles, parquet, laminate, carpet and many others. With its innovative housing design, it perfectly fits into any corner of the room allowing the laser lines to run directly along the walls. This floor line laser utilizes the new Stabila floor-line optics that focus the 635-nanometer laser lines and provide optimal level of visibility for up to 50 ft. or extended 490 ft. when paired with Stabila REC 210 Receiver (not included). It is equipped with a circular vial that enables construction professionals to check its horizontal positioning ensuring exact 90° angle with an accuracy of 38 in. at 100 ft. (0.3 mm per meter). The Stabila FLS 90 Floor Line Laser features dual-purpose positioning claws at its base for easy and h...