Stamina Fortress Power Tower




Full-Body Workout One Machine Build a powerful and lean physique with the Stamina X Fortress Power Tower in the comfort of home. Nothing is more comprehensive than the Fortress Power Tower because even at a gym, you would have to use multiple machines or stations. In fact, the Fortress is the only power tower to include a pull-up bar, dip bar, adjustable plyo box, Stronghold grips, ab straps and Boulder Fit rock climbing hand holds. Rock-Steady Strength With solid steel frame construction, you can be sure that the Fortress Power Tower will provide you with stability while you are increasing your strength - no matter where you're hanging. Even more, the plyo box's non-slip jumping surface allows you to build your lower body strength without the fear of mishap. Versatile - Just Like You The pull-up bar and dip bar give you multiple workout stations for push-ups, pull-up and triceps dips. These same bars also allow you to work your abs with vertical knee raises. For even more of a challenge, try our Stronghol...


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