Startech.Com Startech Vertical Cable Organizer with Finger Duct, Black (CMVER40UF)




Organize your cables in any rack or cabinet that's 40U or larger, using this vertical cable management panel. This 6-foot vertical cable manager (2 x 3-foot panels) gives you a simple and space-efficient way to organize the cables in your server rack. You can attach the two-panel cable manager vertically into your rack, to neatly guide cables between equipment that's mounted at different heights.The 0U cable manager offers versatile installation options and is compatible with most racks that are 40U or larger. The panels feature a 0U design that doesn't take up any mounting space, and with simple tool-less installation, they're easy to attach or reposition as necessary.Improve the appearance and accessibility of your rackThe vertical cable manager uses a finger-duct method of cable management, which includes a cover panel that neatly conceals the cables that are running through it.Having well organized and routed cables not only improves the appearance and accesGeneral InformationManufacturer: StartechManu...


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